Pam Dodson

About Pam Dodson

Director of Program Development

Pam Dodson joined Via Heart Project after retiring from a career in Emergency Medical Services. Over a span of nearly 30 years of service, she developed the following life-saving programs: Public Safety Defibrillation, Public Access Defibrillation, and HeartSafe Community. Her passion for improving survival from sudden cardiac arrest began when she was a registered nurse in the cardiac care unit. Pam loves to teach and is excited to work with Via, continuing her quest to change bystander culture. It is her goal to make performing CPR a “normal” response after someone collapses from SCA. Pam’s true love is her children, Christopher and Kelsey. With both away at college, she has plenty of time to enjoy life in Benicia, California.

Interesting Facts About Pam:

  • She loves making floral arrangements for parties and weddings, and recently considered leaving medicine to purchase a flower shop.
  • She is short enough to climb into a medical helicopter without ducking.
  • She has a hard time turning someone down when asked for something, but doesn’t like being told what to do. That’s fine with us!