Jennifer Han

About Jennifer Han

Board Member

Jennifer immigrated from South Korea to the USA in 1973 and grew up in NY. She received a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Barnard College / Columbia University and medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine. Her specialty is cardiac electrophysiology, dealing with arrhythmias. She practiced at Santa Clara Kaiser Permanente for 20 yrs and retired in 4/21. She is a member of Retired Physician Association of TPMG and volunteers at Covid vaccine clinics in underserved areas in San Jose. With her special interest in age-out orphans in South Korea, she sponsors them to get college and post graduate degrees.

As an electrophysiologist and a parent of a high school athlete, she is very passionate about preventing sudden cardiac death, especially in young adults. Via Heart Project offers an opportunity to use her medical skills to identify athletes with inheritable heart diseases before the catastrophic events.

  1. Enjoys cross stitching / needlepoint beading and gardening.
  2. The most interesting place that she had visited was “A long neck tribe” in Chiangmai, Thailand.
  3. Loves getting body massages and body scrub.