Cathy DeCock

About Cathy DeCock

Executive Director

As Via’s Executive Director, Cathy brings more than 30 years of non-profit management expertise to Via Heart Project.  Cathy joined Via in 2011, one year after Via was founded.  As Chief Operating Officer, she created and led amazing teams that have enabled Via to grow to managing almost 3,000 AEDs, and who built Via’s youth heart screening program, which screened over 7,000 young hearts during the seven year project. In that time, Via has increased the number of AEDs managed by 320% in 1,573 locations (637 schools) and annual program income has increased by 1 million dollars!
Prior to her time at Via, Cathy spent 10 years at the Sierra Club, focusing on public education, business/finance systems and grant and regulatory compliance.  While her children were in school, she was highly involved and was elected to the School Site Council and the PTA Executive Board. Cathy brings her nonprofit management skills as well as her PTA and school administration knowledge to us in her role managing Via.

Cathy lives in San Francisco with her husband John, (a former Sierra Club co-worker), their children, Clare and Keenan, and their two cats.

Interesting Facts About Cathy:

  • She has been a vegetarian since she was 16, and both her kids have been vegetarians since birth.
  • She went to Italy for the first time in 2022, again in 2023, and can’t wait to go back!  In the meantime, she is enjoying learning to speak Italian.
  • She is terrified of alligators and crocodiles!