Questions About Liability?

We have answers


State and local regulations can be confusing and frequently change. Via's compliance program makes it simple to own and use an AED. We stay aware of updates to laws and regulations so you can focus on running your business, school, or organization.


Via's compliance program addresses all the requirements an organization must do to adhere to each state's health and safety code such as performing monthly checks and keeping a policy and procedure document on file, and more! This limits liability for your organization regardless if the AED is used in an emergency situation.

Public Safety Agencies

First responders are often the first on the scene of an emergency so carrying an AED gives them the power to save lives. Public safety agencies operate under a variety of regulations. We work with the various agencies to implement and manage an AED program to meet those specific needs.

Personal AEDs

The majority of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the home. Certain AED models are approved for home use and don't require a prescription or stringent compliance program. Via will simply track the expiration dates of your battery and electrodes and remind you when they need replacing so your home AED is ready to use when it's needed most.

Start Prepared. Stay Prepared.

Eliminate worry that your device or colleagues may not be ready when an emergency strikes? Or about what happens afterward? Learn about our Annual Maintenance Program, which delivers invaluable peace of mind to our clients nationwide.