Adrian Jones

About Adrian Jones

Board Member

Adrian has spent over two decades working in strategy and finance. Currently a Senior Director at Polaris Greystone Financial Group, Adrian has worked in strategy roles at Charles Schwab, BlackRock, Wells Fargo and Deloitte. At Polaris Greystone he heads up marketing and institutional sales and is a member of the Management Team. He received his bachelor’s degree from Occidental College, majoring in Diplomacy & World Affairs, and his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Fighting heart disease is personal for Adrian. In October 2016, he suffered a severe widow maker heart attack while mountain biking with friends and he has since become passionate about driving awareness and preventative action for cardiovascular disease. He is a Marin County native who spends a good deal of time outdoors with his wife, two teenagers and dog.

Three fun facts:

  • He had dinner at the private residence of a sitting US president
  • He was once an intern for the press office of the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers Europe (NATO)
  • His ​”​stranded on a deserted island”​ band is U2