There are no screenings scheduled at this time.  Our next screening will be held in September 2016.  We are currently working with several school districts to determine the next location! Please check back to see where our September screening will be!


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Approximately 5,000 to 10,000 youths die from sudden cardiac arrest each year in the U.S. Most of these deaths are due to undetected heart conditions, many of which could have been identified with a simple cardiac screening. Screening your child may save their life.

We invite youth ages 12 to 25 to pre-register and attend. The process usually takes 60 to 90 minutes and is valued at $500 to $4000. Thanks to our donors, sponsors, and volunteers, screenings are conducted free of charge. Although no payment is required, donations are appreciated and will allow us to continue screening more teens.


Our mission is to create Heart Safe Schools and discover undiagnosed issues before they lead to cardiac arrest in thousands of our youth.

Thank you for helping us make our community a heart safe place to live, work, learn and play

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