Wow. Thank you for your interest!
Hosting a screening event at your school is an amazing opportunity.

Here are our requirements for hosts:

  • School must have an AED program in place. (We can help you with this!)
  • School commits to perform parent and student outreach, ensuring families are informed about the event prior to screening day. (This is a big one. If you can’t help us spread the word, we will not be able to hold the event at your school.)
  • Registration is limited to 750 students. We suggest partnering with at least three neighboring schools to be sure every spot is filled.

On the screening event day, your school commits to provide:

  • 30 tables
  • 150 chairs
  • 50 student or parent volunteers
  • An on-site facilities person from 7am to 4pm. (The day prior to the event, four hours are also needed for set up and coordination.)
  • Breakfast, coffee, snacks, water, and lunch for 200 volunteers. (A local fire department, booster club, or PTA will often help sponsor these needs.)

Thank you for your interest in hosting a screening event. Please fill out the form below and we will place you on the waiting list and contact you.

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