You have decided to volunteer at one of our screening events! Thank you.
You are a kind person, and we heart you!

Volunteer sign ups for our next screening, being held Sunday, February 24, 2019 at Cordova High School, in Rancho Cordova, are now open!

  Thank you for your interest in helping screen young hearts!

We are grateful for your support!

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT VOLUNTEERS! *** We are no longer accepting high student school volunteers! ***
8:00AM - 3:30 PM - All Day Shift

7:45AM - 3:30 PM - All Day Shift

*** We are no longer accepting non medical volunteers! ***


Breakfast and lunch will be provided. We will attempt to have a variety of options available, however if you have food allergies or restrictions, we suggest bringing some items you can eat.

Volunteer Hold Harmless & Waiver of Subrogation Agreement - Photo & Video Release

The undersigned hereby holds harmless and waives all subrogation rights against Via Heart Project, Folsom Cordova School District, all sponsors, donors and contributors, and all parties involved, their directors, officers, staff and volunteers as respects process and results of free cardiac screening in which the volunteer provides services for the screening program. It is further understood and agreed by the undersigned that the volunteer provides his/her own general and professional liability insurance for his/her own protection and that neither general nor professional liability insurance is provided for the undersigned volunteer by Via Heart Project or the event facility.
I hereby give permission for images of myself captured through video, photo and digital camera, to be used solely for the purposes of Via Heart Project promotional material, publications and/or educational purposes and I waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.

I have read the above conditions. By signing this, I agree to these conditions.