Keely Skehan

About Keely Skehan

Program Coordinator

Keely graduated in 2016 with a degree in Business and Nonprofit Management and a minor in Biology. She always loved volunteering, whether it was helping at a dog shelter or the botanical gardens, but it was not until she was in college and got to explore nonprofits in the classroom that she realized what a difference they make in so many peoples’ lives. It was her goal to work for a nonprofit organization after college, but the wind blew her to a cyber security startup where she held an administrative role. She is excited to now be following her passion of working for a nonprofit, and joining Via Heart Project to make a positive impact in our communities. 

Interesting facts 

  • She loves making ceramics and hopes to one day have a studio at home.
  • Most of the TV shows she watches would fall under the majority of the peoples’ “guilty pleasures” list.
  • She was born and raised in San Francisco and still lives in the neighborhood where she grew up.