Dr. S. Joanne Dames

About Dr. S. Joanne Dames

Board President

Joanne is board certified in emergency medicine and has nearly two decades of experience resuscitating victims of sudden cardiac arrest. She is passionate in her quest to educate the public regarding the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and the importance of community CPR training and AED use. She was a spokesperson for the American Heart Association for many years–conducting numerous radio, television, and public speaking engagements. Joanne has been a CPR/AED instructor as well as a regular instructor for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support course at Stanford University.

Interesting Facts About Joanne:

  • At age 55, she decided her first marathon should be the original one, Greece’s Marathon to Athens!
  • She insists that the lyrics to Credence Clearwater Revival’s, “There is a bad moon on the rise” are really “There’s on the bathroom on the right.”
  • She cheats at Scrabble by making up fake medical terms.