The following are resources for our amazing medical volunteers.
Because of your expertise, time, and support, we are able to bring our
free screenings to families in Northern California.

Cardiologists: Review of ECGs

International Criteria – ECG Interpretation in Youth and Athletes

This free online resource provides important education and training for sports medicine physicians, cardiologists, and other clinicians responsible for the cardiovascular care of athletes. Content includes ECG interpretation training modules, conference presentations by world experts on a range of sports cardiology topics, and key guidelines to assist clinical practice.

Cardiologists: ECG Interpretation

Statement from the Via Medical Advisory Committee

False positive ECG findings have dropped dramatically since the publication of the “International Criteria for ECG screening of young athletes”. Click here for a summary of the most common benign ECG findings.

EKG Technicians

Using Via’s CardeaScreen ECG Devices

The Cardea 20/20 ECG is an automated diagnostic system that identifies cardiac conditions associated with sudden cardiac death and has the lowest false positive rate in the industry. Find out who it’s designed for and how it works.


Training and Experience Matter: Improving Athlete ECG Screening, Interpretation, and Reproducibility

By Jordan M. Prutkin, MD, MHS; Jonathan A. Drezner, MD


Using Via’s Lumify Echocardiagram Devices