Types of AEDs

Dana did not know what and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was before she began working as an environmental health & safety specialist in 2011. As the contact person for an international company with more than thirty offices worldwide, Dana is responsible for placing AEDs and scheduling employee training on how to use the devices, perform CPR, and administer basic first aid.

Dana calls Via Heart Project her “one-stop shop” when it comes to coordinating all things health-related for her company and its employees. She appreciates the assurance and support the skilled Via staff and instructors bring to her workplace.

When asked what advice she’d share with other employers or organizations considering AEDs, Dana said, “Even though it’s not a requirement, when you look at the benefits, cost should not be an issue.”

She believes simple awareness of AEDs and their presence in our lives is critical. Dana now takes note of AEDs at her gym and when she’s out in public. “It’s equipment that you pass by every day and feel good as an employer that you’ve done your due diligence because you care about employee safety and welfare, though you hope you’ll never need to use it.”

Via Heart Project offers businesses an Annual Maintenance Program to help ensure your automated external defibrillator (AED) is ready for use and that your organization is compliant with country, state, and local laws. For clients with offices all over the world, Via gives you the ability to standardize your Employee Safety Program on a global level. We provide you with one purchase order a year and take care of all aspects of ordering AEDs from different countries, in different languages, and all importing tariffs and duties.  We handle all the wire transfers and negotiations, providing you with one price for your AEDs no matter the global location.

Here are just a few of the ways our AED Maintenance and Compliance Program can help:

  • Site assessment. We help you evaluate the proper number of AEDs needed for your location(s), and ensure devices are installed in the correct places on-site.
  • Medical direction. We provide on-going medical direction Policy and procedure assistance. We supply each of your locations with a Policy and Procedure document, which can be used as a template or the final product.
  • Local county registration within the USA
  • Monthly e-mails. We remind you to visually check your AED and direct you to our Web portal which keeps a permanent record of your monthly maintenance. Our customer care rep follows up if we don’t hear from you.
  • Battery and pad expiration-date tracking. We monitor the expiration date of your batteries and pads. We’ll send you replacements before they expire.
  • Post-event download and evaluation. You used your AED—now what? We download the defibrillator’s data from the event and our medical personnel reviews it for record.
  • Upgrade and recall assistance. Your AED is recalled or requires an upgrade. How will you know? We will, and we’ll help you replace it or upgrade your device.
  • Trained-responder tracking. We’ll help you keep track of who in your organization gets CPR certified and when their certification expires.
  • Free replacement battery and electrodes. Upon expiration, we provide complimentary battery and pad replacement. It’s hassle-free and worry-free.
  • Free replacement battery and electrodes in the event of use. You had to use your AED, and therefore need to replace the device’s batteries and pads. We will send them to you, free of charge! (Up to 1 occurrence per year.)
  • Global clients: AEDs in the language of your locale as well as import management with customs regarding the delivery of your devices and wall cabinets.

The Annual Maintenance Program is $250-$350 per year, depending on your model of AED and locations.
Organizations that already have AEDs are eligible to acquire maintenance services through Via Heart Project.

If you’d like Via Heart Project to be your one-stop shop for all things AED, CPR, and first aid-related,
we welcome an opportunity to evaluate your organization’s needs.

Please contact us at (800) 284-0125 or info@viaheartproject.org to learn more.