Via Heart Project, a California-based nonprofit since 2010, is donating an AED Package in honor of American Heart Month – a February campaign to raise awareness about life-threating cardiac ailments. The AED Package will be awarded to one school or nonprofit organization based on need and eligibility, as determined by Via Heart Project when we review applications starting March 1.

The AED Package, valued at $1500, includes:

  • An automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Carrying case
  • Two sets of electrode pads
  • Wall cabinet
  • 3D wall sign
  • Rescue kit
  • Complimentary maintenance plan for the first year of ownership

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Commit to Via’s maintenance program for the life of the AED at a cost of $200 per year
  • Place the wall cabinet in a visible and accessible location
  • Comply with all maintenance and readiness checks (sent by Via on a regular schedule)
  • Have at least one person who is CPR certified at their location
  • Return our signed agreement within 30 days. If not returned within 30 days, the AED donation will be given to another applicant.

Bonus points will be awarded to applicants who provide the following details:

  • Photos
  • Possible placement location for the AED
  • Size of staff at site
  • Long-term outlook and plan for this AED/future AEDs and Heart Health initiatives
  • Other interesting information about your school or nonprofit

How To Apply

Email your application for a FREE AED Package
to by Thursday, February 28, 2019!

Thanks for working to make your school or nonprofit organization a Heart Safe place!